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Hi, my name is Audrey O’Reilly and I am the writer director of Clare Sa Speir. I apologise in advance for those who consider Clare to be the Peig Sayers of the media section of the leaving –cert. I obviously did not make the film with the intention that it would go onto torture thousands of  students for years to come so this is my small attempt to atone.

To be honest I know very little about how it’s been taught or what sort of questions you are being asked about it. However obviously I do have certain insight into the film so I’ve decided to post this blog. These are notes I’ve used in a class I’ve given about directing and the approach I used to make the film. At another stage I will talk about the writing of the film, a very different ball game altogether. I hope they are of some use to you, if not for the leaving-cert, at least to give you some understanding of the film making process.

 Feel free to post questions though while I will try to answer I can not promise to answer quickly!






A graduate of the National Film School in 1998 Audrey O’Reilly has been working as a writer and director with increasing success. That year her co-written script ‘Honor Bright’ was announced as the winner of the Miramax Script Writing Award’ while a short film she directed,  ‘In Loving Memory’ won a number of awards including the Prix du Public at the prestigious Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival.

Audrey then made Clare sa Speir’ one of the 2001 RTE ‘Oscailt’ short film series. Multi-award winning, it has also been included on the Irish Leaving Certificate syllabus.  In addition a ‘Short Short’  she wrote entitled ‘Chicken’ was selected for official competition in the 2001 ‘Cannes Film.  As well as writing for the RTE soap opera ‘Fair City and television series ‘On Home Ground’, she co-wrote and directed  ‘Teenage Cics’  a six part television drama series for TG4 and BBC NI.

She is currently adapting Kate Thompson’s award winning children’s novel ‘The New Policeman’ for producer Hawk Koch. She is also developing two feature scripts which she will also direct. Audrey is also chairwoman of the ‘Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild’. She is represented by Mark Casarotto of Casarotto Ramsey & Associates.


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